Bad Time Simulator | Sans Fight

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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled rhythm challenge in Bad Time Simulator – the unblocked game inspired by Undertale’s epic Sans boss battle. Choose between a casual “GOOD TIME” or an intense “BAD TIME” to test your reflexes against the formidable Sans.

In this recreation of the iconic fight, your skills will be put to the ultimate test. You’ll need lightning-quick reflexes and timing to dodge and counter Sans’ rapid attacks. The key is mastering the beat and patterns of this fast-paced battle. One mistake and it could be game over in an instant!

Whether you’re an Undertale fan or simply love relentless rhythm games, Bad Time Simulator delivers an electrifying challenge. Dodge, weave, and strike in time with the music to overcome Sans’ onslaught. Prepare for a pulse-pounding showdown where only your skill and focus will lead you to victory.

Select your difficulty, take a deep breath, and press play to experience this adrenalized recreation of the legendary Sans battle. Can you withstand his BAD TIME and emerge triumphant? Prove your rhythm mastery in Bad Time Simulator!

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