Flags of Europe Quiz – Guess European Flags

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Do you know your Dannebrog from your Tricolour? Test your European geography IQ with the Flags of Europe Quiz!

This engaging quiz features the 46 flags of countries spanning from Iceland to Cyprus. Study the multiple choice questions carefully and select the correct national banner.

Immerse yourself in vibrant icons representing European nations. Discover fascinating insights into color symbolism, coat of arms, crosses, and more. Challenging but accessible questions cater to flag novices and vexillology experts alike.

Track your progress on the leaderboard after each quiz. Learn new flag facts and expand your knowledge of Europe. Take the quiz again and again to reinforce lessons and aim higher on the ranks.

Whether you are looking for light-hearted entertainment or more serious flag study, the Flags of Europe Quiz delivers an enriching test of recall and recognition. Train your brain and take your best shot at identifying the Star-Spangled Banner, Union Jack, Tricolore, and other iconic European flags!

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