Google Gravity – I’m Feeling Lucky By Mr Doob

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Experience the wonder of weightlessness and interface design with Google Gravity, a mesmerizing simulator that lets you interact with past iterations of Google Search in zero gravity conditions. Step into this virtual world and prepare for liftoff!

Once inside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by floating interface elements from Google’s iconic history. Logos, buttons, tabs – they’re all there, untethered from gravity’s pull. Touch them gently with your mouse and watch in awe as they drift ethereally around the screen. It’s Google Search as you’ve never seen it before.

This is no mere visual spectacle – Google Gravity allows for true interactivity. Click and drag elements to send them soaring in parabolic arcs across the zero-g space. Fling search bars into orbit or boomerang browser buttons off the edges of the screen. The physics are convincing and delightful in their realism.

In playing with these artifacts of Google’s past, you’ll gain captivating insights into the search engine’s user interface evolution. Appreciate first-hand how designs have transformed over the decades, in form and function. Google Gravity grants you a tangible glimpse into web design history.

Equal parts educational time capsule and zero-gravity playground, Google Gravity offers the chance to appreciate Google’s journey while reawakening that magical childhood sensation of weightlessness. Lose yourself in this inspiring oasis of design and physics – where past and future collide in the timeless freedom of space.

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