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Are you ready for some thrilling bike racing action? Moto X3M is the perfect online game for you! Your mission is to navigate your motorbike through challenging levels filled with giant obstacles that move. Prepare to jump over or avoid these obstacles to reach the finish line. Want to earn a perfect score? Perform epic flips in the air to decrease your final time. Be careful though, crashing is not an option – if you do, simply respawn and keep going. The key to success is completing each level as quickly as possible.

Originally released as a web flash game in 2016, Moto X3M quickly gained popularity. It was later transformed into an HTML5 game by the talented game development studio, Madpuffers. The success of Moto X3M led to the creation of a series of games, including Moto X3M Winter, Moto X3M 5 Pool Party, and the latest addition, Moto X3M Spooky Land. These games have become some of the most beloved titles in our Motorbike Games category.

Now, let’s dive into how to play Moto X3M:

– Press the W or Up Arrow key to accelerate

– Use the S or Down Arrow key to brake

– Utilize the A, D, or Left Arrow, Right Arrow keys to adjust the positioning of your motorbike. These keys are crucial for executing radical front flips and back flips.

Curious about the number of levels? Moto X3M offers a grand total of 22 different levels for you to conquer.

If you’re eager to try out the newest installment in the Moto X3M series, look no further than Moto X3M Spooky Land. This thrilling game was released in October 2019 and promises spooky fun.

Madpuffers, the masterminds behind Moto X3M, are known for their fantastic game creations. Alongside the Moto X3M series, they have also crafted popular titles like Football Masters and Basketball Stars.

To help you achieve your best time in Moto X3M and unlock those coveted 3-star ratings, we’ve got some tips for you:

1. Speed Control: Sometimes, slowing down can actually improve your overall completion time. Experiment with adjusting your speed to find the optimum pace for each level.

2. Tricks and Stunts: Master the art of performing front flips and back flips. These tricks may shave precious seconds off your time. Remember, every flip counts for 0.5 seconds, but be cautious as some tricks might slow you down, so choose wisely and strategize accordingly.

3. Back Tire Boost: If you manage to land solely on your back tire, you’ll receive a boost upon hitting the ground. Aim for a more vertical landing, but remember that being too vertical can cost you time. Find that perfect angle for maximum efficiency.

4. Mini Boost Start: Sometimes, a little boost as you start can make all the difference. Hold down the gas pedal and brake simultaneously (W + S or Up Arrow + Down Arrow) to enjoy a helpful burst of speed. Utilize this technique in moments where there’s a brief pause before continuing the level.

5. Don’t Start the Timer Yet: The timer begins as soon as you press the W, A, D, or Up, Down, Right keys. If you’re dropped at the start, try timing the key press just right to delay the start of the timer, giving yourself a slight advantage.

6. Practice Makes Perfect: Repeat the levels multiple times to familiarize yourself with the jump points, when to decrease or increase speed, and when to execute tricks. Take the time to hone your skills and incorporate the aforementioned tips and tricks. Some may require more practice than others, so enjoy the process of improving your Moto X3M times!

Excitingly, there are currently six games in the Moto X3M series for you to enjoy:

1. Moto X3M

2. Moto X3M 2 (No longer available)

3. Moto X3M 3 (No longer available)

4. Moto X3M Winter

5. Moto X3M 5 Pool Party

6. Moto X3M Spooky Land

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