Flags of the World Quiz | Guess Country Flag Game

Buckle up for a whirlwind world tour! The Flags of the World Quiz challenges you to identify 197 national banners across the globe. This ultimate geography test features the most difficult multiple choice questions that will push your vexillology expertise to the limits. Study each flag carefully and select the correct nation from the options. … Read more

Flags of Europe Quiz – Guess European Flags

Full Screen Do you know your Dannebrog from your Tricolour? Test your European geography IQ with the Flags of Europe Quiz! This engaging quiz features the 46 flags of countries spanning from Iceland to Cyprus. Study the multiple choice questions carefully and select the correct national banner. Immerse yourself in vibrant icons representing European nations. … Read more

Waffle Game – The Daily Waffle Wordle Game

Get ready to exercise your wordplay skills with The Waffle Game, a unique and engaging puzzle inspired by Wordle. The goal is simple – rearrange scrambled letter tiles into six hidden words, all in just 15 moves or less. Each Waffle presents a fresh set of letters arranged in Wordle’s classic grid. Slide the tiles … Read more

Countryle – Geography Country Wordle Game

Full Screen How well do you know the countries of the world? Put your geographical knowledge to the test in Countryle, an exciting daily guessing game inspired by Wordle. Countryle provides a new map each day, challenging you to identify the mystery nation based on its shape and location. Make strategic guesses and receive helpful … Read more

City Guesser – Single & Multiplayer City Guess Game

Full Screen Are you an aspiring globetrotter? Put your geography and observation skills to the test in City Guesser, the exciting multiplayer game that drops you into random cities around the world. Get immersed in bustling metropolitan hubs, quaint villages, and everything in between. Scan your surroundings for telling signs – architectural styles, language, landmarks, … Read more

Dino Game 3D – Play Google Chrome’s T-Rex Run

Full Screen Experience the excitement of the classic T-Rex Run game in stunning 3D with Dino Game 3D. This enhanced version adds depth and realism, taking Chrome’s beloved Dinosaur Game to new heights. Run through vivid prehistoric landscapes as the mighty T-Rex. Navigate treacherous terrain, leap over obstacles, and evade hazards, all in immersive 3D. … Read more

Rocket Soccer Derby – Sports Car Soccer Game

Full Screen Strap in for Rocket Soccer Derby, an explosive new spin on soccer where suped-up sports cars battle for goals. Choose your ride then hit the pitch in this turbo-charged game. Maneuver your souped-up vehicle as players in a winner-take-all car soccer match. Control is key – drift and steer around opponents to line … Read more

Dino Swords Game – Find & Use 26 Weapons

Here is an original rewrite of the game description: Behold Tyrannosaurus Rex, armed and ready for battle! In the cutthroat world of Prehistoric Showdown, you must help T-Rex fight off waves of opponents and make it to the top of the food chain. Select your weapon – will you slash with twin katanas, pummel with … Read more