Rocket Soccer Derby – Sports Car Soccer Game

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Strap in for Rocket Soccer Derby, an explosive new spin on soccer where suped-up sports cars battle for goals.

Choose your ride then hit the pitch in this turbo-charged game. Maneuver your souped-up vehicle as players in a winner-take-all car soccer match. Control is key – drift and steer around opponents to line up the perfect shot. Perform bicycle kicks and lateral passes using your car’s roof and doors. Activate nitro boosts to outrun the defense on breakaways.

Rocket Soccer Derby combines nonstop action with precision driving. Master maneuvers like flip resets and aerial dribbles to outplay your challengers. Use power-ups like mines and oil slicks to gain a competitive edge.

Compete in leagues and tournaments to rise up the ranks. Customize your car’s loadout with game-changing mods. Will you be the MVP who goes coast to coast for an epic goal? Or the goalie who makes highlight-reel saves? Take your best shot at car soccer superstardom!

With unparalleled intensity, Rocket Soccer Derby puts you in the driver’s seat on the road to glory. Rev your engines and compete to net impossible goals in this revolutionary sports car showdown!

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