Where Taken Game | Guess The USA Location

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Sharpen your sleuthing skills and geosphere smarts with Where Taken – the addictive photo guessing game that drops you into random street scenes to pinpoint the location. Study each setting closely for telling details, harness your mental maps, and take an educated guess at the state or region pictured. It’s elementary geography, my dear Watson!

Where Taken brings Google Street View to life in a fun and challenging way. Each image immerses you in bustling urban centers, quaint small towns, remote rural byways and everything in between. Scan for license plates, architectural styles, street signs, vegetation and terrain – any clues to inform your geographic hunch.

Keep sharpening your powers of observation, recall and deduction across hundreds of unpredictable locations. Expand your knowledge of neighborhoods, landmarks and regional quirks across America. See how many scenes you can identify correctly as you rise through the ranks of super sleuth stardom!

Take it to the next level by competing in head-to-head duels with friends. Compare scores and accuracy to determine Who’s the Wiser Where Taken Wizard! With diverse scenery spanning the country, no two games will ever be the same.

Whether you’re looking to test your travel IQ, train your brain or simply explore the nooks and crannies of Americana, Where Taken delivers an engrossing geographic adventure for all. Put on your virtual road trip hat and master the mysteries of place one image at a time! The game is afoot.

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