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Welcome to the Windows XP Simulator! This website lets you re-live the classic Windows XP operating system from back in the day.

You can explore the old Windows XP interface, hear the iconic start-up sound, and enjoy the retro vibe. It’s like going back in time to when you used Windows XP on your own computer.

The simulator lets you play around with the features, apps, and settings just like you remember. But there’s also a fun prank option!

You can make it look like your friend’s computer screen has been hacked and turned into Windows XP. Watch their surprised reaction when they think their computer got messed with! It’s a harmless joke that’s fun and nostalgic.

Whether you want to reminisce about the good old days of XP or pull a funny prank on your friends, this simulator brings back memories. Have fun exploring the classic Windows XP, customizing the desktop, and reliving this iconic piece of tech history.

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